Doodle your way to success!

Many people find rest and relaxation in art. Although for me this is not always true because of deadlines, my high standards, difficulties in creating the look that is intended, etc. But doodling always, without acceptation relaxes me. With doodling there are no deadlines, unrealistic ecxpectations or a care in the world. I love doodling! And as wonderfully relaxing as doodling is, there are profound benefits that increase your skills in drawing.

First, improves muscle control and muscle memory. There is nothing better than a cooperative drawing arm when your commissioned art piece is on the line. Console is everything! A compulsive doodler will have that confidence when you need that special touch on that illustration board.

Second, it will stretch your mind, slowly without pain of course. You will be able to see things that you could not see before. Because of the sure number of graphic images that you will be putting down on paper, things will begin to click. These things translate when you work on the real deal in your art. And the third and final benefit, speed!!! When your coming up on a deadline, speed is obviously important. But, speed also will increase the amount of art you can do resulting in increased skills! And probably the most important thing, as a professional artist, your income will go up!!! After all, who wants to pay for the time of a slow artist?

So, get serious about doodling!!!

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