Common questions

How many can you do per hour?

  1. Traditional Caricatures
    • Black and white face only: 12-15 people per hour (recommended)
    • Full Color 8-10 people per hour
    • Black and white situational caricatures 8 people per hour give or take
    • Color situational caricatures 4 per hour
  1. Digital caricatures
    • Black and White 1O to 12 per hour
    • Color 8-10 people per hour (recommended )

How much space do you need?

  1. Only about a 6 foot by 6 foot area.
  2. People love to watch the artist draw, so be sure to put us in an area where people can have fun watching!

Can we have more than one Artist?

  1. Yes, as many as you would like.
  2. Based on their availability of course.

What Size Paper do you draw on?

  1. Jody Draws on 11x14 a standard size for framing.
  2. Other artist may prefer a different size. Most commonly 11x17.
  3. You can alway request a size that you would prefer us to draw on.

Does the artist(s) take breaks?

  1. Jody and most of the other artists do not take breaks with the acceptation of 5 hours or more drawing time.  We realize that people are waiting to get a caricature and we are diligent to keep drawing to our mission is complete!
  2. But, we may take a quick bathroom break or pause to get something to drink, like a soda or water.

Can the artist stay longer if we need him to?

  1. Maybe, it depends on if he has another booking after your event.
  2. We try to stop on time and cut off our line in advance so that nobody waits and then can't get one.
  3. Let us know in advance if you think you might need us longer.