Black and white color option 3 copy

Black and White

  1. Advantage: Most people drawn per hour. approx. 12
  2. It is very classic!
  3. people don't need to sit very long
  4. And people don't need to wait to be next very long
  5. For the artist, it is the easiest and therefore the caricatures may be drawn slightly better.
  6. This is the best choice when the line is long and the demand is high

Spot Color

  1. Advantage: Color is fun!  Spot color is a way to keep the caricature fast, and add that extra wow touch to an otherwise black and white caricature. Maybe 10 people per hour, maybe 12.
  2. people still don't need to sit very long
  3. And people don't need to wait to be next very long
  4. This is still a good choice when you have a lot of people

Full Color Caricatures

  1. People LOVE the full color!!!
  2. Disadvantage: Only get about 7 or 8 people done per hour
  3. Recomended for small crowds or when the demand is low
  4. We never recomend starting with color and then moving to black & white caricatures because it upsets people a little bit.

We can never guarantee that every person gets drawn... To many factors that go into predicting the outcome of how many people get drawn.  But we do our best to try!