How to send Photos to us:

One of the challenges Jody has when drawing from a photo is receiving a photo that is GOOD enough to get a great likeness.

So, here are a few guide lines for choosing and sending photos for Jody to draw from: 

1 - the Body Pose in the Pic

2 - the Quality of the Pic

3 - the Attire is the Pic


Their Body Pose

When selecting a photo, try to not send pics of person with certain head tilts, eyes closed, funny looks on face, etc.  Even though you may like the photo, it will not be good for drawing a caricature from!

Good vs Bad Poses

Their Attire

Is the person wearing a hat, sunglasses, or a costume? Jody cannot see their hair if it is hidden under a hat, and ponytails disguise how a girls' hairstyle really looks when it is down. Sunglasses hide the color & shape of their eyes, and costumes hide their true body shape.

Good vs Bad outfits

The Quality of the Photos

Sometimes it is tempting to send a very small picture, especially wallet size.  But when the artist zooms in on those, it is impossible to see details that are important. Please send large photos 🙂

Good vs Bad Quality