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Quality Illustrations

We use the highest quality materials and over 33 years of experience, honing in skills, craftsmanship, and technique to bring you an incredibly unique gift!


The cool thing about these is not just that it looks like the person, but that it so much of who the person is, woven through out the art.  We put our heart into each one of these and painstakingly incorporate as much as possible into the life of your honored recipient.

What We Can Do For You...

People who come to us have a variety of needs as well as budgets.  Here are a few ideas that might be exactly what you need.

Jody Brownd caricature illustrations

Simple Caricature

Starting at $50

These caricatures are quick fun little drawings done much like the art that I do at events.  Affordable and fun!

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More Elaborate Caricatures

Starting at $150

These are done with high quality materials such as ink, watercolor, on illustration board.

Jody Brownd caricature illustrations 3

Group Caricatrues

Starting at $20 per person

Great for Business, Family, and more.

Next Steps...

Let us know your interested.